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Why Do I Need Event Management Software?


Hosting an event can be an extremely powerful and effective marketing strategy to increase awareness and enhance the bond between business and consumer, and event management software can help you through the process. Your customers get to meet employees and discuss their needs and uses as well as learn more about the company. Whether you want to host a presentation or talk, a charity fundraiser, or an exhibition, a lot of planning and consideration needs to take place, from health and safety to ticket pricing and an achievable capacity for the area you are using. This may sound like a lot of hassle and hard work, but if it is completed in the right way, you could see your return on your investment increase rapidly.

What Do I Need To Consider When Planning An Event?

There are lots of things that need to be considered when hosting an event, which, if carried out wrong or a step is missed, it can have a critical backlash and cause issues for your business and brand.

During your planning phase you would need to consider things such as:

  • The purpose of your event – you need to have complete transparency with your attendees as to why you are holding your event, they want to know what your aim is whilst making it attractive to them
  • Your target audience – who are the attendees you will be inviting and why, are they potential customers? Are they existing customers? You need to think carefully about this to ensure you get a good turnout. You also need to think about the pricing of tickets for your attendees, not too high to put them off coming but not too low so you have no return on investment.
  • How you will promote this event – How are you going to send out your invitations to this event? Via social media, email or a different way? Do you have an email database that is reliable and have all the contact details you need?
  • Health and Safety – You need to think about the full capacity you are allowed in the building you are using to host your events. Also, considering things like fire exits and ensuring everyone inside of the event will have easy access to these fire exits is a big thing to consider that usually slips minds.
  • General logistics – What may seem like small features to consider, such as parking, signposting to the event, accessible toilets and food and drink (if you are supplying any). You will need to think about using parking marshals to ensure traffic flow is safe and constant and you also need to ensure your attendees know where they are going to get to your event. If you will be supplying food and drink you need to think about your budget, whether it will be hot or cold, whether you can serve alcohol or soft drinks, any allergies there might be etc.

So after stating just a few considerations, it’s safe to say there is a lot to think about that can be extremely stressful and time consuming. What if we could say there was an event management software that actually helps you with all of this and will help your event, whatever it may be, run more smoothly?

Well you’re in luck, at Decisions UK we offer exactly that!

Our Event Manager Software allows you to manage your complete event from a formal dinner, an annual conference, a training course or a seminar! You can customise it to your event and it enables your membership organisation to:

  • Track registrations
  • Ensure secure processing of payments and track who has paid what
  • Allocate seating
  • Produce documents whether that be tickets to exhibitor packs
  • Generate accurate event attendance lists
  • Create and send promotions and reminders
  • Produce detailed reports

If you like the sound of our Event Management Software and want more information on it, feel free to have a browse of our website to learn more about that and our other services, or you can contact us directly, we are happy to help!

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