What Are The Benefits Of Using Event Management Software?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Event Management Software?


It is often said as a bit of a joke but the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ is also a good indicator of the extent of software now available.  And with most software, there are clear benefits to using it.  Take event management software, for example.  This is specialist software designed to manage events of all shapes and sizes and has benefits for businesses planning any kind of event.  Here’s why you want to consider using event management software for your next project.

What is event management software?

The basic definition of this kind of software is that it covers the different aspects of organising an event.  This ranges from the planning to post-event stages and often includes end to end systems that offer life cycle coverage for the event.  This can include registration for the event, producing and distributing tickets, floor planning, schedulers and also analytics after the events.  It can even include surveys for attendees and those who declined to attend in order to conduct market research for future events.

The benefits of software-based event management

Whether your business runs the occasional event or is in the business of event organisation this type of software has benefits to consider.

Reduced workload

Events take a lot of paperwork, organisation and time and to do all of this manually can double the workload for the person or people handling it.  By having everything running through a central piece of software, this burden is eased, reducing the workload around the event and making it easier to organise.  This also saves staff costs because staff don’t need to spend as much time working on the project as they would without the software.

Cut costs

Sometimes keeping track of the budget of an event can be tricky and that’s how these things run over, costing the company more than they planned for.  However, with event management software that incorporates budgeting and finance options, you can keep better track of every penny going into the project and where it is being spent.  This means you can cut costs without losing features for the events.

Simple payments

With the strength of e-commerce, most people are used to paying for things online and not having to send a cheque or take any step to process a payment save pressing a button or two.  By using software that integrates with bookings and payment processing, you can offer this facility to attendees, ensuring it is easier for them to say yes to the invite.

Better data collection

Imagine trying to keep a manual log of who you invited, who said yes or no, who has paid and all those other data points that are involved in organising an event?  That’s a lot of work and potential errors but by using the right software, the risk of this all but vanishes.  Data collection is simple, often tied into the invite and payment processing and allows you to instantly view the status of those invited.

Efficient impression

Using such software to better organise the event also enhances the impression people get about your company – efficient, modern, organised.  You will appear to be the kind of company they want to deal with for other things because they will be so impressed with your handling of the event.

Complex made easy

Organising an event can be a complex and time-consuming project, but the use of the right event management software can make the process easy and efficient, cutting costs and managing the budget better.  It also allows you to create a better impression on anyone attending the event, makes it simpler for people to accept that invitation and keep in touch with them afterwards.

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