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Whether you are a not for profit, a club or association, or running large events which you need to ensure goes smoothly, then chances are you will be looking for the best software for membership of your charity, club or membership based event. But with so many companies offering something similar to each other on the marketplace, choosing the right solution for you may be challenging.

Where do you start to make a choice when there are so many membership software solutions to choose from?

Below we have a checklist that will help make life a little easier, and hopefully guide you to make the right software for membership choice.

Start with your membership software needs

When we discuss our software with our clients, we are always asking them what they really need. What would make their life simpler. For you, just looking for an appropriate membership software, you should start by making a checklist of what it is you want to get from the software.

The checklist could include some or all of the following:

  • The ability to manage and control members data
  • Ease of creating new member profiles
  • The ability to categorise members into different membership levels
  • The ability to take payment against that membership
  • The ability to bulk email segmented members and monitor opens and responses
  • The ability to plan an event around those members
  • Accurate and meaningful reporting
  • The ability for members to update their own membership profile
  • The ability for members to upload and download from their own membership area

You may have many more options you wish to add to your checklist, including perhaps cost, and whether you prefer a one of cost or a monthly programme that is updated on a regular basis.

Why use a web based membership management system?

Maximising web based membership management system technologies means you can provide your members with a “self service” option through your website. This gives you the benefit of reducing the time spent managing the software, so you can focus on your members or events instead.

Our membership software solutions seamlessly integrate your web back office and the front end system in real time. Members benefit because they have their own area in which they can securely manage their profile, their payments and the events which they want to attend.

Our software for membership solution even allows communication and interaction with your team members. Allowing your members to send in-mail and create tasks.


We are very proud of the work we do, the membership software we provide and the excellent customer service levels that Decisions deliver to our clients.

“Using contact manager™ CRM has produced significant real savings in the membership team, streamlining processes and freeing people up to provide better service to our members. Decisions are experienced and flexible, and have responded quickly to our changing needs.”

Martin Walker

Membership Manager


Our software for membership covers every eventuality to help run a smooth and successful membership based business or charity,and as you can see from the above testimonial, it helps free people up too.

Please feel free to read more testimonials like this here:

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