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Software for Membership Case Study

The BASC is the UK’s principle British Association for Shooting and Conservation with 136,000 members. The association is active in promoting the conservation of the environment and field sports both publicly and with the government.

The Requirement

Having already successfully implemented the Decisions contact manager™ back office CRM system, the BASC wanted to extend the functionality of this system to members directly via the Internet. A member services site would allow new members to join the BASC on line, and would allow existing members to update their information, order additional products and services and interact with the advisory section on-line. The principle criterion for the site was that there should be a direct interface between the members and the database, with no additional processing by BASC staff required.

The Solution

Decisions implemented the member web interface contact manager™ Portal for the BASC. This product is a dedicated Internet based member self-service suite designed specifically to provide members with the ability to interact directly with an association. The application integrated with an existing web site, with appropriate graphics, colours and theming. Members now join the association directly, and having done so, are able to keep their own information up-to-date.

Implementation of contact manager™ Portal is a simple exercise. A web server needs to be in place, connected to the database server. All of the web service system settings are controlled via the back office system. For the BASC, a replicating database server is hosted by Decisions, along with the web server. Direct, online credit card authorisation is also in place, allowing new and existing members to place orders directly, paying by credit card. With email confirmations in place, most transactions between the BASC and the members take place completely automatically, without the need for manual intervention by office based staff.

The Benefits

Benefits to the BASC have been significant, and include the following:

  • Improved recruitment as members join on-line in real time
  • Reduced requirement for internal processing – at least one third of new members now process their own data
  • More accurate data as members keep it up to date
  • Improved product sales with real-time ordering and payment
  • Improved cash flow through on-line credit card processing

contact manager™ CRM, Web and Portal functionality used by BASC:

  • Subscriptions processing
  • Contact activity tracking
  • Data analysis
  • Database marketing and mail merge
  • Online joining
  • On-line member details update
  • Targeted content authentication
  • User configurable web interfaces
  • Training and qualifications management
  • Stock management
  • General ledger integration

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