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Managing your business can be tough, and one of the biggest challenges for all businesses is gaining new clients and also retaining your existing clients.

So how does your business manage all of this?

From spreadsheets to scraps of paper, we have seen it all, but Contact Management Software, alternatively known as CRM Solutions, are a lot more cost effective than you think, and a very efficient way to manage all those business contacts, and nurture those contacts to become new clients or to retain them as existing clients.

A business CRM Solution can also help your sales team. It’s important for them to know when you have taken an internal call, what the nature of that call is, and what action was taken. Is that company interested in a particular product or service that your sales team can demonstrate perhaps?

What else can a business CRM solution offer?

A business CRM Solution (contact management software) does not stop at holding data about each client or potential client. Often, and certainly in the case of our software, it can also be used to push messages out to those clients or prospects, by way of email marketing.

If your business CRM system is used correctly, and each client or prospects is categorised and segmented, then you will be able to send marketing campaigns that are targeted.

As an example, if you sell Widget A to Customer 1, and Widget B to customer 2, and you have a new maintenance package for people who use Widget A, then you can send your campaign to Customer 1 and not Customer 2. This will mean he is more likely to open your emails, and therefore more likely to keep in touch with you.

But a business CRM Solution doesn’t stop at push marketing either. All that intelligent data is very important for your business, and being able to have a dashboard at your fingertips that can analyse and report on just about everything you would need within your business can make life simple as a business owner or departmental manager.

Is a business CRM Solution secure?

Yes it is. Your customer data is encrypted, and security and disaster recovery measures will be put into place to ensure that you and your member’s data is secure on when using our CRM solutions.

Is my business to small, or too large for a business CRM Solution?

Our CRM solutions can scale to most business needs, so if you think you are too small or too large to use one of our CRM Solutions, then think again. We work with businesses of all sizes and can integrate into a lot of different accounting packages and other software packages that you may already rely heavily on too. Using the latest Microsoft Dynamics technology, along with our custom solutions, we can provide front facing internet based integration with your company website, giving you new ways to interact with your existing members, and a simple, streamlined system to introduce potential new members. Making this the perfect CRM for membership organisations and businesses alike.

If you like the sound of our Business Contact Management Software and want more information on it, feel free to have a browse of our website to learn more about that and our other services, or you can contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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